so here is instagram and there is a new feature which is called create avatar so to do that you need to tap on edit profile and scroll to the bottom so tap create avatar it's a new feature and then you can create a personalized avatar with unique facial features hair outfits and more select an avatar template to personalize so you can create from scratch or you can personalize something [Music] and then you can try to personalize it like just change all the details here and that's the idea or you can create from scratch select your skin tone to get started then you need to select your face shape so yeah it's a long process as you can see and then then you'll need select face markings face lines hair hairstyle uh skin tone then face shape face markings face lines eye shape eye color eye makeup so here you can see all the details so yeah something like that then the mouse so yeah and then basically you just play with it just like that i don't know like i was expecting that uh maybe yeah this is the photo you can just add your photo here and then just compare with your photo like that so that's pretty handy so something like that then you can add some [Music] and then body and yes or something like that and then you can just save changes and then your avatar is being updated and then done and then uh yep so it's still not showing uh shown here but basically that's your avatar i guess because it's meta matter words like so facebook you'll be implementing a lot of apps where you will need your avatar but for now it's just it's not displayed here on the on the profile picture so anyhow yeah this is what it is hope is helpful

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