How to create Instagram Reels Recap?

so since this year Instagram introduced a possibility to create Instagram reel um so but uh yeah so before that you needed to use like third-party app but now it's possible just to use uh Instagram reels so you can just go to a real tab to select 2022 recap template to get started um yeah or you can just go to Instagram like and go to real step and you should see like create your 2022 recap real prompt in the apps homepage so yeah you don't need to use any third-party app also in the future I guess but this year's team still this feature is a bit in the works because I wasn't able already to locate this feature yet maybe it's too late but maybe it will be more available in the next year so yeah if you just go to your Instagram homepage I don't see any prompt anywhere and if I want to create uh like my real I see some templates but I don't see like um Instagram 2022 recap template so yep uh there you have it but in future you can just do it from Instagram real

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