How to create Magic Avatars in LENSA AI app?

so here is Lancer AI app you just go in viral and one of the main features here is Magic avatars you can generate this mind-blowing avatars from your photos is one of the most advanced AI ever created uh it's it's a new it's a new viral Trend there are many apps in this category and the thing here is that it's not that like you upload your selfie and then you just have some like blurred background or white in your teeth or something like that yes you can do it already in lanceri app it's just when you upload like 10 20 on selfies this app will generate a completely new set of different selfies so as you can see here are some good examples uh yeah like you upload 10 your selfies and then you get 50 more of those of course there are some bugs and here you can see an example of different bugs uh uh so yeah let's just continue um so yeah it's important that you upload good photos uh clubs of selfies same person adults variety of background special expression and ankles uh but you don't applaud like group shots full lines um card faces wearing glasses or with animals there's dogs cats and all of that because then it will it will just complicate work for um for the AI model so let's just try to do it so here I have some of my selfies I'll try to use some of them just for an example to see how it might work so I just selected 10. and I want to try it out like with you here to to show you like should you upgrade or not uh so then you just need to select your gender and then you can do something like this I want to generate 50 unique avatars and this feature is paid you can get a reduction 51 off of magic avatars if you if you subscribe for a yearly uh yeah if you on start yearly subscription I don't know if it's on a yearly subscription or you can pay for a month and then your unique avatars it will not six dollar but three dollar for example you can also get like uh uh 100 avatars that will be 10 variations of 10 Styles or something like that okay so let's try it out um let's see how that might work and then okay then I need to keep an app uh open and then what it takes it's uh it will take around 20 minutes for for this app to complete this when it's finished you will get 50 images generated for you feel free to close the app so yeah you can then just close the app yeah it's like you know AI is taking time and it's taken you know a lot of this computational power so that's why it's not instant it it takes some time I guess in future apps it will be much faster but at the moment this is this is the thing so yeah that's basically it um I'll try to show you what the the result is after it's generated

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