How to create Moonphase soulmate videos for TikTok?

so what is moon phases soulmate app it's an app where you can enter your birthday or any other's birthday and then you can just see the moon phase uh for for that person in that specific date so for example if you're entering your birthday you can see like the moon's face and then you can just um go back and first and then you can just basically see how the moon changes during that period and then yeah for example you can screenshot it and then you can just do that for your golf girlfriend boyfriend or for your friend and then uh if like the the moon fights of the of the other person is completely opposite to yours this means like in this Theory from Tick Tock that you might be very compatible it's not scientifically proven anything is just viral Trend but you can see people making these videos on Tick Tock where you can see your moon face and your friends moon face and the kind of match each other then you are kind of soul mates according to moon phase so yeah to do that you just need to use this moon phases soulmate app and then if you want to share it on Tick Tock you can just use cap cut template so that's basically the idea

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