How to create PETS AI AVATARS in Lensa AI app?

hey did you know that now you can generate a pet avatars this lens aif so this is a new feature where you can just if you create and create Magic avatars you can create talks and cats avatars um so yeah it's the same as with people the more operations you get the better chances for greater results so you can see some good examples you can see some weird examples because it's AI so yeah just upload for us of your loud pad same pad close up of muzzle variety of backgrounds the tilts and angles you just applaud those and then here you can see that if you include multiple parts or include pattern human or like weird angles it's not gonna uh help so then you just select 10 20 photos of your patterns and just applaud and there you have it so cool new feature but still you will need to upgrade to use this this feature um so yeah

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