How to create WIDGET STACKS on iPhone?

hey did you know that actually you can add widget inside of the widget and create like a widget stack so for example i want to add this widget and you see there is like a blue border around like previous widget why is that because i can just drag one widget onto another and that's like a widget stack so i can just add it here smart rotate on i can just enable smart rotation and it will just basically rotate this widget and then i can also enable which is suggestions on um so that's basically it and it's it's actually super helpful because instead of adding like you know five widgets or like four widgets and occupying whole your home screen you can just add them all in one place and that will be like a widget stack so then i can just add it stack i can just move around yeah i can remove some videos from here disable enable smart rotation widget suggestions on or off so i can enable disable that and then i can also just remove stack from here so yes something like this um yeah so if i remove stack uh removes this we just like will not do any apps or data but instead of if you have just one widget it will say remove widget if you have a widget stack it will say remove stack so something like that uh so hope it was helpful um yeah it's really nice trick to manage your home screen in a proper way

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