so let's try to create a uh twitter community i never did it before uh this is a new feature and let's just explore it so first of all you need to have access to twit twitter community tab so as you can see i have six tabs usually you just have five you just have like uh home search but twitter spices notifications and messages here i also have communities tab to have that tab appear you just need to join any community so just search on twitter feed join community join first your community and then you will have this tab appearing here it doesn't require twitter blue or any other paid subscription it's available for all users i think so let's then to create a community you will see this notification let's create a community or if you don't see it tap in top right to create a community then you just need to give community a name and then you just need to to give community purpose or community name must be between 3 and 30 characters and can include hashtags or usernames you can enter a community purpose a strong purpose describes your community and lets people know what to expect then membership type restricted control who can join a community camp in my old communities are visible to our own twitter anyone can join restricted and then so there are two types of communities here open means anyone can join or be invited to the community restricted people must ask to join and the moderation team must approve those requests people invited by the mod team automatically approved and then there is open so that's basically uh open to everyone and then you can just tap save and then you can just tap create so yep um so here it is it's easy to change your settings but you can tweet about your community uh you can go to your uh team you can set up purpose you can upload your banner here you can change your membership type you can change color theme you can go about you can select uh see the community management you can add delete or order rules i get you can add your own rule here you can add your description and then just tap save so that's what you can do there are some settings uh we have been here uh yeah there are support and resources uh of course i think you can share a link so copy link you can share invite to this community yeah so you can then there is a community checklist so personalize invite members review your rules tweet about your community and you're off and then well done your shiny new community is now ready to be shared with the tweeting world want to invite some people as your first members and then just invite members i don't know if there is a limit of of invitations you can send to other people or how to invite them um yeah you can also invite people to not only your community but to other communities if you're seeing those communities are interesting so that's basically it that's a quick overview and then of course you can post only in your community so i just creating community for my youtube channel so feel free to join this will be a community around all the software tutorials app overviews um just uh interesting tag guides and all of that and as you can see my tweet is only sent to mr hakko so it's not appearing on my home feed um so yep that's that's about it and then i can see my community so something around it i don't know if there are like specific analytics for communities or um how that works but yeah this is what it is hope this is helpful

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