here i'm using dream by rombo app and i'm trying to add input image so i just need to tap select image and did you know that you can actually crop the image so for example here i have image of a lamp i can rotate it and then i can i can crop it so that can be handy because your images are not always ideal so for example here i can see that the lamp is a bit not in center so i can just drag it around like this and i can just like move it in the center crop it and of course i can go back to original photo so there is like a limited editing here which is really nice if you want to try out this app so here it is so you can just try it out then just tap next then you can adjust influence your input image has a large effect on the final artwork and then you just add and then tap create so that's that's actually the most interesting feature of this app that you can add this input image and then generate very similar ai artwork users are really enjoying it because if you just you know enter if you enter as just like some search keyboard and then try to generate image based on that it doesn't really it's not that entertaining but of course there are also some bugs again so seems this app is quite buggy because i already generated two three images so but i hope you got the idea that you can crop you can rotate and you can edit your input image

Image Crop Project in Django with S...
Image Crop Project in Django with Source Code | Django Project with Source Code
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