How to Deactivate and Delete Memories in BeReal app?

so here is burial app and here are kind of my memories and did you know that actually if you're concerned about your security so here are all your memories basically pictures you have taken in this app but if you're concerned about all of that you can just go to your menu settings tap on share dots in top right tap on memories and here you can deactivate and delete your burial memories if you deactivate your memories all your burial will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable all your future burial won't be saved in memories and will be automatically deleted as well so all your burial are automatically added to your memories and only visible by you so here it is there is some more explanation on the there like support support notion side uh um so here is basically memories is a private archive of all your old bureau posts only visible to you they were created by you so we thought it best to give them just to you also we hope most of you will love memories we understand some of you might prefer to maintain the ephemeral aspect of be real which is why you made this feature optional you can choose to deactivate memories at any time that's what i just showed you so that's basically the idea hope you like this video

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