so to deactivate account on twitter just tap on your profile picture in top left tap on settings and privacy here you have your account section and here you have an option to deactivate your account uh this will deactivate your account you're about to start the process of activating your account your display name username and public profile will no longer be viewable on twitter for ios and twitter for android you can restore your twitter account if it was accidentally wrongfully deactivated for up to 30 days after the activation some account information might still be available in search engines such as google or bing if you just want to change your username you don't need to do the activate account you can just change username from settings so to use your current username or email address is different twitter account change them before you activate this account you can also just download your twitter data in another step so just tap deactivate here and that's it so that's the idea hope that is helpful

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