How to delete account and data in DAWN AI app?

so how to delete your account or your like private data in Dawn AI avatars app so yeah just here in this app what you can do you can just go to uh you know app store Page and tap on app support and then you will just be redirected to this page and then here you can just write contact us and then yeah just actually you can write delete uh my data uh and then just something like that I don't know uh make sure like to because there is actually no account in the app you don't create any account here but you can just describe your case in detail um like and then just reach out to them and ask them what exactly you can do you can always just delete this stack like you can tap here to delete the tag and and then you will just delete the AI model you will not be able to recover it but yeah you can just do this and that's uh that's one of the ways to do it uh so try that um or otherwise you can always just write support Dash down DOT AI at

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