and some app so if you want to delete your account tap on your icon in top right there is no option to delete your account right here so just tap send a feedback or report a problem and then from here you can just go to myansim.efam and then you can just see for the type form there is our options fun but new idea club requests just want to chat blog user report user you should just tap anything else then you can submit yeah your phone number and in the field below before i don't know it probably just clicked too much times but basically i think you got the idea that here you can just go to this type form and just enter write to them like hey i want to delete my account i connected spotify to this account uh and yeah i just want my data to be deleted just to be sure because yeah but if you submitted the form one time it's not possible to resubmit it i guess oh no it is so how can we help just write like and then yet type okay and that's your email for follow-ups and yep then just explain your issue and something like that so that's the idea i hope that was helpful and thank you for watching

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