How to DELETE ACCOUNT in AYALA APP? It’s tricky

here is Ayala app and a lot of people are curious uh how to uh delete your account here I'm just browsing the app I just installed it and this is like a dating app and you know a lot of people sometimes just want to use it and then just delete your account in case you are not sure about your privacy or your data or anything like that and you just don't want to stay on this app anymore so that your profile is there so it's a bit hidden here so just tap on profile type in bottom right tap on feedback and in feedback section in the bottom there is button to delete account once the account is deleted all your information will be erased and it cannot be restored so something like that and then just tap confirm so that's what you can do in some apps even if you delete an account and log in back with inserted dice it's automatically restored I don't think it is the option here uh so if you delete all the information is erased and it cannot be restored that's it um so that's that uh yeah you can also just use this form to reach out to their support ask any questions like ask uh like any issue you have so you can also do it here uh so try that or yeah just use delete Account button it's actually good that I have this option to delete accounts right in the app some apps are not that not the good and they you need to reach out to some support chat or reach out on the phone or and something like that and it's really annoying sometimes you just want to use the app and you want to have the full freedom to delete your account and personal data right away so hope you can just do it and thank you for watching

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