How to delete account in Fetch Rewards app?

so here is fetch rewards app in case you're asking how would you delete your account here so this is what you can do so i just usually just go to meet up my account in the bottom right then i can just go to you know help center because i look in the settings anywhere and there is no option to delete your account from there which is a bit annoying to be honest yeah i really like when apps offer this opportunity so i also reached out to some frequently asked questions if i search for account or delete or i can't find anything so the only remaining option is just to go to contact us that profile help and then just right here delete my account or something around it and then just tap send so something around that and then yeah you will be able to reach out hopefully get some response from their support center and you're able to delete your account and then yeah so and then you will see your tickets basically these are your support tickets this is your conversations which you should be able to get but notice that right now this app is in the top charts in the us app store meaning there can be like a bit a smaller respawn like yeah there can be a lot of inquiries on their website and a lot of questions so they can get like a very long response time so anyhow hope this is helpful if you have any better suggestion how to delete your all your data and all your account this app leave it in the comments below

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