to delete an account in fishbowl app just tap on your icon in top right and then from here you can scroll to the bottom and here you have account section where you can delete your account uh so if you need to update your account email phone number company industry you don't need to delete your account you can just contact support also what else you should know that account deletion will be processed persist and finalized in 30 days or less you can cancel the fishbowl account deletion if it was accidentally or wrongfully deleted by logging back into the application before then so then just tap in the bottom big red button delete your account you will be automatically signed out when you initiate account deletion and then just tap delete account with a blue button so that's basically that that's how it works uh yeah that's what you can do so fishbowl app is kind of like a app twitter uh for professionals where people with verified company emails people who work at different companies discuss internal politics some topics which uh can be you know like if you're posting it openly on social media it can be like not the best way to do it but on fishbowl you can do it so it's basically hidden social media for professionals

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