How to delete account in Lensa AI app?

here's lens AI app and in case you want to delete your account go to settings tap in bottom right tap on your profile and here you can just tap delete account what it says your subscription will remind on the device it was initially purchased from the data related to this account will be deleted so yeah I think this is one of the main concerns for people because this this app is quite sensitive right you just upload your photos here like 10 to 20 photos selfies and then you want this AI model to generate more awesome avatars uh but like what happens if your data is leaked or you're like you know private selfies are going somewhere so you just want to be completely sure that if you are deleting your account uh your data will be deleted at least this is what it says here you subscript but of course subscription will remind so if you have a paid subscription uh you will need to cancel it through the your iCloud or like settings app so delete in your account won't delete your subscription but your personal data will be deleted so just tap delete here you can create account originally with your email Google Apple ID I just signed up with with Apple ID and then yeah uh but I think the process should be the same also I think you don't need to create an account you can still use magic avatars feature without an account so something like that

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