hey there so how to delete an account in MoneyGram app so you can do it in this way so yeah just tap on FAQ section so tap on three dots in the app tap on FAQ tap on FAQ again then you need to select add option here from the drop down manage my account and then how do I delete my profile due to certain regulatory requirements MoneyGram is subject to your profile may be required to be retained for a certain period of time to submit a profile deletion request please click here so yeah you just need to do it via specific form there is no a separate button in the app how to delete your profile and then here I am customer request type delete my personal information I want to restrict I do not want privacy complaint um so yeah that's pretty tricky here actually I would select that do and then delete my profile uh yeah this app is actually you know it's it's it's making uh things a bit more uh different difficult sorry because it's hiding under all these options and then first last name email resident and then you just select Arizona and then captcha and then tap submit so yeah it's not easy but I guess that's the process when you reach out to customer support and then they will reach out to you back to you hopefully and then you will just follow on that yeah it's a bit annoying to be honest like I like when the apps have just like a clearer button to delete my account inside of the apps I I think it should be just somehow it's it's a nice thing about the app and they have that because in some apps it's just impossible to delete your data in some apps it's even impossible to cancel your subscription you need to go through some calls and chat and just ask some their customer support for like hours like writing hey can you just delete my account and cancel my subscription of course probably that's like a marketing hack on their side so I want to avoid churn and customers live in their app but yeah that's what it is here hope it's helpful

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