How to delete account in ParkMobile app?

here is park mobile app so to delete your account in this app just go to settings tab in the bottom right tap on account settings scroll to the bottom and then you can tap to delete your account then you're just redirected uh to the external web page to cancel your account submit a request here in the help center uh please include the following your name mobile number license plate number and or the last four digits of the card you have on file so you can also click here in addition if you want to remove all your personal information so that's that so just hear this and then you just redirect it to some app request support request form and then issue type you can just select account cancellation enter your mobile phone application brand app version uh oh my gosh this is this is a bit annoying i must say um yeah because you have all this like app version i don't know which browser version i have and all of that so yeah unfortunately they don't include this right inside of the app where you can just tap a button you know and your account and personal data is deleted so you need to go through these steps but fortunately you can do this

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