uh to delete account in prequel app tap in top right and then in the bottom you can just tap delete account please note that by pressing continue you confirm deletion of your account in prequel which could not be reversed and will result in permanent deletion of all personal data in your account and may affect your further use of prequel so is that something interesting like what do they mean by that by the way you don't even need like to create your account at first place in prequel uh you can just continue to use that uh and your like previous designs you kind of feel be saved i tried that and i seen my previous filters but you can create your account with like apple id google facebook and then i don't know uh like yeah i'm just trying to see what they mean if i delete my account so what i can't create my account anymore um i don't know like if it's uh what do they mean by that uh payments yeah anything so close improv either okay i don't know anyways but maybe it's just you know some marketing marketing twist like so you'll be afraid to delete your account shouldn't be the issue if you delete your account of course i think you should be able to create it again anyways just in case

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