here's rumble app and i'm trying to delete my account to see how that might work um [Music] so i'm just went to the settings so it's not there um my account my subscriptions earnings notifications and then i can just also sign out uh here is my profile i can tap on edit profile um yep so unfortunately i kind of can't see it here uh so what i would do i will just go to the app store here and then tap app support and from here i'll just be redirected to the rumble dot com app and then i need to sign in with my with my account so it is i guess it is should be possible just to do on the web app so using your browser and then go to account overview no it's also not here and then here i can reach out to help so i will just search for delete account how to close your account as long as you have no videos being exclusive manage borrow you can request your account to be closed at any time simply send an email from the same address register your account to support subject delete my account and will process it within few days and the body of the email email includes the reason why you're closing your account you want you want to help us understand please note that once your account has been closed it can't be reopened and your email and username will not be allowed to be used in your account so there you have it something like that um yep for example when i created account using apple id obviously you need to email from the email which is associated with your apple id so something like that hope it is helpful

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