How to delete account in Sketchar app?

hi there in case you want to delete an account in sketch our app so what you need to do is just tap on three dots in top right or better tap on your icon Enterprise and then the bottom you just have delete account are you sure subscription won't be canceled so then just delete an account subscription won't be canceled it just means that yeah if you subscribe to some Pro account in this app uh then you will need to cancel this subscription just by going to your app store app and just go into your iCloud I'll just go into your settings to your iCloud uh subscriptions and then you will need to cancel subscriptions from here if you just delete the app it never cancels the subscription that's just like a standard Apple policy so yeah uh just be careful with that anyhow super cool app as you can see it's in the top charts but if you want to delete an account hope it was helpful

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