How to DELETE ACCOUNT in Sleeper Fantasy app?

so here i'm just going through i'm going through sleeper fantasy app and trying to figure out how to delete my account um so tell how to remove all your personal data you can use uh you can use the mobile app to delete your account by going to settings and one pressing press and hold the logout button it will then bring up an option to delete your account this will erase all of your personally identifiable data your league and teams will remain as they affect the experience of other users on the app so let's just try it out so yes this option is a bit hidden and it's hard to figure out it yourself so that's why let's just explore it so here's the app and then i just go to my profile name in the bottom left tap on it scroll to the bottom and tap and hold on log out and then as you can see i by typing and holding the recent new menu option which pulls up and it's called delete account so that's what you can do and then you just delete an account and that's that's about that hope that is helpful

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