How to delete account in TouchTunes app?

hey there how to delete TouchTunes account so I'm just going through our support center we'll be sorry um to see you go if you really want to leave contact us through the TouchTunes app and we'll help you out so yeah just tap contact us here like uh just tap contact us in the top right and you will be able to reach out to them I try to reach out for some different questions it usually takes like you know some minutes to get an answer and it's a live chat so it's pretty handy it's pretty active so there is no phone support or email support and there is no delete Account button inside of the app uh but yeah you can just reach out to your support and that's basically how it it can work out just provide your details and then your personal account and personal data will be deleted yeah sometimes it's just uh yeah better to do that if you have some concerns uh you all understand that your privacy is super important so you can just do that otherwise you can also see these options you can log out from your account I will use information if you switch fonts no way I'll create the save songs other accounts accept your account that you can access via login in uh comments regarding the app if you want to transfer uh your distance Mobile account to a new device uh yeah that's their transport so no need to delete your account and create a new one if you're just switching your phones

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