How to delete account in Traderie app?

here's try the re app so how to delete an account here so if i just go to my account in bottom right tap on your icon i can set time zone change password uh log out and then in the very bottom i can just see this big red square where you can just tap delete your account and then you can just tap delete your account delete your account will delete all your listings delete all your wishlist all records in your catalog delete all your reviews and link your discord uh if you use this account for both new kazoo and or tradery then this will delete boss accounts if you decide to delete your account your account will be scheduled to be deleted in three days if you wish to restore your account between now and then you can do so by going to your profile settings uh so that's basically how you delete an account it's actually pretty cool that i included this option right in the in the app itself uh not hiding in anywhere so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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