here is what we app um just trying to delete my account here just to know how it works but seems there is no option to do it right from the app do you want this to report this user no and then this account [Music] and there you have it something like this uh well i don't know actually how to do it so probably what you can do is just go to the watley website okay finally so if i go to my main page and tap in top left and then here's resettings i can enable okay i can do that help so let's just go here so in worst case you can just go to help and then try to conduct the support here there is no option to reach out to support here so we can try to read the privacy policy which is some things about data retention you can contact us by email at info at so try to do that and then just write in the subject delete my account so that's what i would do in case you are concerned about your data or your account or something like that so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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