hey so i'm in western union mobile app on iphone and i'm just wondering how to delete western union profile or account and i just found in their faq section it is not possible to delete an account right from the app i was looking for that tab there is no such a tab uh yeah and now that will you will lose your existing my vu points by taking the step and deleting your profile so you can only do that we are contacting the customer support so in the app i'll just go to western union contact us html or something like that and then here you can just chat with us or here you can just start the chat and then just tap send and yeah just follow the instructions so you can chat with us you can give a call so you can see customer car car call it's in hundreds three two five six thousand website car or for tt users so either call or or chat you can and enter the specific chat so just tap there and you can start chatting here so yeah that's the idea that's how it would work hopefully it is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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