how to delete an account in widget pal app so here's your account in bottom right and then there is like a privacy policy i guess and there should be like an email somewhere in the in the bottom [Music] so you should contact them through the contact form but i don't know where exactly that is um so should probably just search for widget pal app and usually for every app in the app store you need there is like an option to conduct support yes so just search for the app and below the app there should be like an option to contact support for some reason it's not loading that fast and then from there you will be able to so that's [Music] and then here in the bottom you can just see details or tap contact up support in the bottom or something like that but anyways yeah here it is app support and then it should redirect you to okay so that's like a website where you can contact support and then from there like you know just probably just ask them in the support form i want to delete my account like how can i do that or something like this so hope that can be helpful

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