so here is endly app and basically uh a lot of people are asking how to delete account here um so you can just tap on your icon in top right i was searching somewhere here like maybe somewhere in preferences or in privacy settings usually it is here but yes this option is just not available seems like that so in this situation um uh i'll just go to need some help then just type contact us [Music] and then something else so they are really actually hiding out this option to to be able to delete your account so something around it and then just tap here to send and wait for reply so that's at least that what you can do so that's basically it oh okay so here is need some help delete my account and then your account will be activated immediately it will be rectified if you are logging within 30 days afterwards your data will be deleted permanently for more information about account delete and read our privacy policy and here you just tap yes i'm sure so that's about it

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