How to DELETE ALL YOUR DATA and PHOTOS from BeReal app?

so to be completely sure and delete all your photos data from burial app you need to tap on your profile in top right tap on three dots in top right and then you need to tap help and then tap contact us and then delete your account so this is the only way where i'm quite sure that yeah your data will be scheduled to permanently delete it in 15 days and your account will be deleted still it won't be deleted instantly it will be scheduled to deletion in in 15 days if you log in within those 15 days your account will no longer be deleted so that's basically the idea yep so that's that's how it works and you can always type i changed my mind and then uh you also have like uh memories here but i'm just not sure if you delete your memories will it delete your photos or not so i couldn't clarify that so to be completely sure if you have some photos on bureau you don't like just delete them via your account

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