How to DELETE ALL YOUR DATA from ChatGPT? Tutorial

hey so the question is how to delete all your data from GPD chat in case you use GPT chat a lot but you know you're still not sure how the handling your data and you just want to have an option uh to yeah to delete it if you tap clear conversation it's not that it will just clear conversation Freeman interface you obviously won't delete your data from the back end so here you can just go to the search support and then uh recently they updated they updated their process to delete your account uh there are two ways to do it through the help chat when logged into our website so here you just logged in select help button in the top right send us a message select account deletion and complete the workflow your request your request will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation when deletion has been completed it may take one two weeks for your request to be completed so yeah just go you can also go here and then you start in this um intercom and then here you can just tap send us a message and then uh other and then you can just type like delete account okay so you need probably to log in with your account okay so anyhow you need to be logged in here on the website and then proceed and just type delete account in there that's somehow you need to do that but I'm I'm already signed in I don't know but either way it's also if you completely want to do it uh uh you just can't send an email to deletion from the email whose information you'd like deleted so if you sign up is one email through Google or Microsoft sign in if that they have these two options there just send the deletion request from exactly that email uh and then uh in the subject line include account deletion requests in the body of them I'll include please delete my account and then uh all your data will be deleted as well in these two cases so if you delete your account your all your data will be deleted um submitting a request to deletion open a com cannot be canceled only in my delete if you sure you want account to be deleted and then if after you did that that's it your account and all your data will be deleted so that's basically it so yeah that's that's the idea of the app uh hope this is helpful and uh yeah thank you for checking this out

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