How to delete an account in Flirtini app?

How to delete an account in Flirtini app?
Delete account in Flirtini app
  1. Go to your Flirtini app.
  2. Go to your account.
  3. Tap on the gear icon in the top right.
  4. Go to Account Status.
  5. In the bottom, click on Delete account. Deleting your account will result in removing all your likes, chats, matches, stories and archived top rank position.
‎Flirtini - Match, Chat, Meet
‎Welcome to Flirtini. The social discovery app, where meeting new people will become your daily routine. We certainly know how to match people safe, fast, and easy. Join and try yourself:1. Search for suitable people using various filters2. Match and start a private chat3. Post the Stories to gai…

Flirtini app

The Flirtini app is a cutting-edge dating and social discovery software that helps users quickly meet individuals who share their values based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: safety, love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. We aim to match like-minded persons based on their requirements while keeping their conversations confidential.

Flirtini is a personality-driven dating app where you may meet intriguing individuals, talk with them, and eventually meet them in person. You may create a profile and meet new individuals from all around the world. If you're seeking a life, chances are you'll find one like millions of others.

The process of finding love on Flirtini is straightforward; look for a match, set a date and get in love.

Unique features of Flirtini App:

Matches that expire:

You won't have time to dither any longer! You only have 48 hours to start a conversation with your match. You will lose them forever if you are late!

Interesting tales:

Share your experiences with the entire world! Add stories to your profile to attract possible partners.

Spoiler alert:

This feature tells you who is eager to learn more about you!

Swipe system:

Swipe up to say “yes”, and down to display “no”.


Keep track of who has visited you and when. Don't be afraid to return the favor - some of your visitors maybe your ideal match!


See who loved you and who liked you back. Some likes are almost definitely mutual, so why not cut to the chase and begin flirting in a chat?

Thrilling conversations:

Choose who you want to talk to the most and chat with them for as long as you want! But keep in mind that you only have 48 hours to start a conversation with your match!


Facebook Likebook Booster:

Please increase the number of visitors, likes, and matches to your profile by promoting it in matchmaking.

Story Enhancer:

Promote your Stories to earn more views and reactions.

Undo the Rewind button:

Cancel your Skips if you change your mind or if there is a possible match.

Flirtini App on Android:

Flirtini 2.3 You need no age restriction or payment. It is free. All you need is Android 5 or the latest in your device, and you can easily install an app with an excellent 3.0 rating on Play Store.

Flirtini App on App Store:

Flirtini App 2.3 ranks 66 in all Social Networking apps on App Store and can be easily downloaded. You may use it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen. All you need is an iOS 13 or later for all the above.

Flirtini App on PC:

Like all other apps, you can also use Flirtini App on PC. Just download bluestacks or NOX on PC and search your Flirtini App.

User reviews:

According to user evaluations, it is a money-laundering scheme. In just 30 minutes, the discussion "expires." People create bogus accounts that will message you for 30 minutes and then need you to pay a membership fee to continue conversing. It's a bait-and-switch scheme, and I'm reasonably sure it's against the law. In addition, it has been alleged that the software prevents photographs from being shared on personal profiles.

What is Flirtini app?

The social discovery app, where meeting new people will become your daily routine. We certainly know how to match people safe, fast, and easy. Join and try yourself:

1. Search for suitable people using various filters

2. Match and start a private chat

3. Post the Stories to gain more attention

We at Flirtini, are working hard to gather all the user's basic social needs in just 1 single app, having the:

- privacy and anti-fraud to solve the Safety Need

- AI-based matchmaking algorithms to solve the Love & Belonging Need

- stories to solve the Self-Esteem Need

- leaderboards to solve the Self-Actualization Need


- Expiring matches. Now you won't have time to drag your feet! Caution: you only have 15 minutes to strike up a convo with your match. If you are late, you will lose them forever!

- Catchy stories. Share moments with the whole world! Add stories and draw potential matches to your profile. Spoiler: they really want to get to know you better!


- Visitors. Stay informed of who paid you a visit and when. Don't be shy to visit them back - some of your visitors may be your perfect match!

- Likes. Like and see people who liked you. Some likes would certainly be mutual, so why not cut to the chase and start chatting?

- Thrilling chats. Pick who you like the most and chat with them endlessly! But note that your chatting time is limited.


- Likebook Booster. Promote your Profile in matchmaking and gain more Visitors, Likes, Matches.

- Story Booster. Promote your Stories to increase popularity and gain more Views and Reactions.

- Undo Rewind. Cancel your Skips when you changed your mind and when it’s a potential match.


- Live support. Our customer care team is always at your service! Don't worry about the time of day

- feel free to call or text our customer support 24/7.

- Strict security. Meet new people with pleasure without worrying about fake profiles and scammers.


Here is Flirtini app so how to delete an account here so yeah here is home go to your profile tap on the gear icon in top right um go to account status and in the bottom just tap delete the account that your account will result in all your likes chats matches stories and archive top rank position are you sure and then you just need to type confirm on the left so that's how it works

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