hello so here is labs app uh it's a new viral app which is in the top charts in app store basically it creates disposable photos so for example you can just snap a photo and like this and there you have it now you can send it to a role like for example this is my active role and there you have it that's that's how it works is kind of text is disposable photos and which you can share with your friends and create roles and all of that but in case you just want to delete your account um if you tap on three dots in top right um there is no option to delete an account you can only log out so what i would do i would just tap contact and then you can contact hello labs and then you just write your account and write your username [Music] uh yeah just include not my username but include your exact username yeah something like that and then i hope they will send you a response or something so that's what i would do there is also like report bug [Music] you can also enter your email and report it back and send here so you can just enter your email and also add some screen recording screenshot and ask like so something like this yeah and then just ask to delete your account so that's what i would do if you want to delete an account in labs app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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