How to delete an upload in YouTube mobile app?

other one so how to delete and upload in in YouTube app so I'm talking about YouTube app not YouTube Studio some sometimes if you already upload the video on mobile you can just tap on Three Dots and tap delete in the bottom um yeah to edit advanced settings you need to open studio app but sometimes you just have this situation like there can be multiple things like daily upload limit reach so if you upload like a lot of shortcuts from your like podcast or something like that um and then you reached over your daily limit or there are some errors some bug and this video is just states in the uploading Tab and yeah then you just kind of can't go around it so it just stays there so it's the same just tap on three dots in top right and then you can tap delete applaud and delete and upload means that this video is not yet published it's not anywhere but it's just stuck in this uploading state so just tap delete a plot and there you have it so that's the way to delete a plot in the YouTube app I hope that's helpful

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