How to DELETE BEER BUDDY account? (Video)

How to DELETE BEER BUDDY account?

  1. Open Beer Buddy app.
  2. Go to the menu in top left.
  3. Go to Advanced Settings.
  4. Tap Delete account in the bottom.
  5. How to delete Beer Buddy account
  6. Tap Delete account again.

Note: Deleting your Beer Buddy account cannot be undone. So, be careful.

What is Beer Buddy app?

Beer Buddy is social app, which helps you to find beer buddies or your friends to have a beer with.

The concept is super simple – when you are having a beer, it is reflected on the map and your friends, who are also in the app, can see it.

So, basically you see a real-time map, which reflects all your friends who are drinking beer at the moment. 🙂


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