How to DELETE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT in mobile app?

so there is new update in instagram app now you can delete an account right from the app uh this is a recent update to the instagram app to comply with apple's new policy before that you had the link to delete an account but then you will be redirected to a web browser on a desktop or mobile in order to delete your account the company said it's now introducing this option within its ios app earlier you could activate the account through the app but this doesn't delete your data from instagram servers the app itself didn't offer any information about the full deletion option so yeah so many users have simply activated their account instead of deleting them fully so that's basically the idea so how to do it now so update your instagram app go to your profile tab settings in top right so here i am in my settings tap on account and if you scroll to the bottom you can tap delete account so here you can deactivate your account uh or delete your account so the activating your account is temporary your profile photos comments and likes will be hidden until you enable it by logging back in deleting your account is permanent your profile photos videos comments likes and follows will be permanently deleted so that's the idea uh yep so hope uh this is helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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