How to DELETE NewProfilePic app on iPhone? It is NOT SAFE

so here is this new profile pic picture editor app and basically to delete it uh you need to go and search for the app uh and i would actually really recommend you to delete this app so you can just tap and hold and then you will be able to delete the app so yeah i would actually recommend you to delete this app sap because seems it's actually not that safe to use uh and it has some like weird developer form um and yeah it there are some fears actually that this app can actually use your personal data and using some weird for some weird aim so just actually don't even install it or don't give access to your photos because this app can be connected with some lab which can actually use your personal photos for for their ai modeling and just like database and all of that so yep that's basically what you can do just delete the app and there you have it so okay let's just try it out so tap here and then you'll be able to delete yeah just tap and hold or you can just go to the app library photo and video and then here tap and hold and then just delete the app so something like that that's what i would do

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