hello so to delete tick tock now memories just go to map your personal tab in the bottom right and then you will see memories in the last 28 days and then basically you can just tap on my any Memory Tap on three dots in top right and then just tap delete here so that's how you will delete it um yeah I think it will also delete your Tick Tock now post from so that will be also deleted compared to be real in be real memories are like a separate feature same is here but if you delete from memories your post doesn't disappear still in like burial and I think in Tick Tock now if you're posting it's only a while but for 24 hours just for one day in the feed after that it automatically disappears and people can't see it so there is no point for you to delete it after 24 hours as I understand uh yeah hope that's helpful

How To Delete Your TikTok Post 2022...
How To Delete Your TikTok Post 2022 [ Easy Tutorial ] | Online Help Guide | TikTok Guide
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