so can you delete your personal data and account in GPT chat uh so yeah it's possible to do it you need to go to and then you here you can just see how to delete your account so yeah account deletion is permanent and we'll remove data associated with your account so you won't be able to make an account again in future if you'd like to deactivate your account which doesn't remove your data and would allow to activate it again please follow the instructions below so here you can just uh go to this chat intercom chat send us a message um and then um yeah just uh may make your way through uh through like account deletion just right here delete an account or you can just go and send an email to the deletion at from the my office information like to be deleted and the subject line include account deletion requests in the body of the mail include please delete my account uh so yeah for account activation please follow the same steps as about but select the deactivate my account option if you'd like to have your account activated via email please reach out to deletion at with a subject account the activation request and the body of please deactivate my account so that's what you can do um so yeah here like your request will be submitted to us and you will receive confirmation when the deletion has been confirmed if you'd like to deactivate your account complete the workflow for account activation it may take one two weeks for a request to be completed so there you have it if you just go right into the app there is no button to delete your account right here uh in the app you can understand it yeah because it's they're just trying to attract as many users as possible so it's not there at the moment

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