HOW TO DELETE your BEREAL ACCOUNT? it is tricky!

there is burial app and if you're trying to delete your account just tap on profile picture in top right tap on three dots and then you need to not not here you need to go to help so it's a bit hidden this option to delete your account then you need to go to no again contact us and then you can just tap delete account uh will be logged out immediately and your account and all your data will be scheduled to permanently delete it in 15 days if you log in within those 15 days your account will no longer be deleted if you have two seconds we would love to know why you want to leave us and then you just select reasons so is there too many bugs not enough friends i don't use burial i don't understand burial or other and other you need to specify it and then you can tap i change my mind or tap yes i'm sure so yeah even if you delete be real your account you can still just log back in you don't need to conduct customer support anything just log back in into the app during 15 days and then yeah then your account will be restored automatically but yeah that's basically the idea hope it was helpful

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