how to delete your data in this app so tap on your profile in top left tap on your icon in top right and then here you have um option in privacy and safety which is called my data and that's like important part it's really cool that this app actually included this tab here because in order to ensure safety on the application as well as optimal operation this collects personal data about you and your use of the app um so yeah for example you just want to delete some of your data but you don't want to delete your account so then you can just tap delete my data and then uh you you just need to fill out some kind of type form uh and then it says this allows you to delete all the data we have about you as a result your account will be deleted at the same time okay so I was wrong sorry guys indeed we will no longer be able to ensure the effectiveness of our privacy policy to delete your data simply fill in the form so yeah unfortunately yeah obviously you can't delete your data and still leave your account so just uh yeah um delete your account or delete your data you can always change your data consent uh you can download your data you can update your data what you want if you want to delete your account here is it's in the bottom

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