How to DELETE YOUR OWN BEREAL? It’s tricky!

so here is how you can remove your burial so you need to go basically on your home feed and this is the place where you will see your latest burial in my friend's tab so at least this is where i see it and then if you tap on your be real so not here you will not see this feature here but basically if you tap on add caption or just on this uh more information yep so not on add caption because then you're adding a caption but just on just below that on the on the date and then you will see a number of comments real modes and then you will see options and that's that's the place where you can delete your burial so it's a bit hidden so i couldn't figure it out at the beginning but that's where it is also you can just remove it from discovery this way it won't be deleted from from your posts but it will be deleted from discovery settings meaning from the public view and only your friends will be able to see it so that's that keep in mind that there is also like this memories section and you can also go here and tap and delete from memories but memories is your private archive and deleted from memories will not delete it from like discovery view as far as i understand um so yeah just keep that in mind but hope this this quick guide was helpful and i don't i know that in be real sometimes like in two minutes it's super hard to take a perfect photo and you can take a photo you don't like and you just want to be sure you you can delete that so here it is

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