How to delete your profile photo in Ayala app?

so how to delete a photo in the in ayala app so a lot of people users of this app are really frustrated that yeah you you can't delete photos here so it says you need you can delete your photo on the edit profile page if you still have any problem please send email to support at sleepy cat dot live will help you solve them so here is the app for example i have this photo i tap on edit info i want to tap on the photo and i can delete yeah i'm just like tapping on it nothing happens so yeah i what i can do i can just replace this photo with some other photo and in my case i just replaced with some like you know other photo maybe you can just replace with some background picture or some just you know just some irrelevant photo not if you're concerned about your like look of your face or something maybe you just yeah just replace with some random like uh square photo or something or just some figure or some avatar um and yeah you can go to settings nope not here and then edit info somewhere here there should be an option to delete an account so if you tap on feedback so that's basically here is the place where you can just tap to delete your account once the account is deleted all the information will be arrested and it cannot be restored so you just tap confirm so that's at least what i would do and of course if that doesn't work you can reach out to their support

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