How to delete your tag in Dawn AI app?

how to delete your tag in the down AI app so just tap on your tag and then here you just have delete your tag delete the model so how that's how you delete your model you won't be able to recover it and what's your model it's basically just a AI model generated on 10 15 images selfies you provided and then you can just again provide another 10 15 images and I think even if you provide the same images you will have a bit different model because it's Ai and yeah so it never will be the same as I understand and of course if you don't like it for example if you use the selfies with the same expression all the time then maybe you want to make it better and upload different set of selfies so that's how you delete your tag and that's how you delete your account basically there is no way to delete your account here as that you just delete your model uh of course you can go to the privacy policy and then I don't know just if you want to be completely sure you can always just message them privacy at and yeah uh try to reach out to them and mention your case that uh then you can just try to make sure that your private data was removed

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