How to DISABLE Automatic network selection on iPhone?

so to enable automatic Network selection go to Settings app and go down to your hearing settings app go to Cellular and then go to network selection and here you can select automatic usually it's enabled by default if you disable that you will just see the whole list of cellular networks available in your location sometimes it can be good idea to select them manually so if you know that this is a stronger Network in in this location just enable that because yeah and sometimes it's just better to use automatic because iPhone will automatically choose them which is pretty cool option but just there are some small use cases where you know that in this location this network will be just better and if you have two Computing networks iPhone can keep switching on and off automatically one to another so it can be annoying it can consume your battery and stuff like that so sometimes it makes sense to put them manually sometimes in most cases just put it automatically but yeah you can do that I didn't know about this trick but it can be pretty handy when you are traveling

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