How to disable clean energy charging on iPhone?

how to disable clean energy charging on your iPhone so here is a new setting from IOS 16.1 and by using this setting uh you can try to reduce your carbon footprint by selecting the charging a lower carbon emission electricity is available so you can try to use that setting clean energy charging um and what it does is just select uses emissions in your local energy grid and uses it to charge your phone during times of cleaner energy production um but sometimes of course you just need your phone to be charged super fast and now and that this setting can prevent you from doing it so you can just turn it off so if you need to have your iPhone fully charged sooner touch and hold the notification and that tab charge now you will receive a notification if the setting is been used right now so here you just go to settings wait go to Settings app search for battery battery housing charging and here you can just tap to disable it or to turn it off and yeah you will see this notification you can turn it off until tomorrow or just turn it off and then just do that

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