hey there so deco pick app you can't delete it but seems at least you can disable that so just go to app info disable and remove permissions so in in settings just search for deco peak app then just click on it find app info and remove disable and remove permissions this will remove the app from your app drawer and make it unusable so also it's some people say that if you go to app info click the three dots in the top right corner it will give you the option to uninstall disable and install updates it will go away so this is what people write here in this subreddit thanksfully you have this subreddit option because there are lots of replies um so yeah to uninstall updates also again go to settings apps find the copic app top right three dots and then uninstall update so first just do this part disable and then uninstall updates and then it should be gone it can't be deleted i think because it's part of the samsung suite so that's what it is other than that hope it was helpful

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