hey so here is clubhouse so yeah how to disable messages from everyone if you didn't know there are now dms in clubhouse you can send uh dms by default it's enabled that you can send the amps even to people who don't fall uh don't follow you so you can just search and there are a lot of like uh yeah like very well known people uh who you can just dm and then yeah they are not following you and if you do that they will just receive this message request so of course if you have hundreds thousands of followers or for some other reasons you just don't want that to happen to you then to disable the the ability to receive messages for everyone just go to request steps three dots and then just ta disable message requests there you have it and then it means that you only will accept messages from people you follow or like or your followers or something like that i'm not sure about that policy exactly how but not from everyone and if you want to accept messages from everyone this is how it works so yeah that's how you disable messages from everyone on a clubhouse

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