How to disconnect Google Drive from Rave app?

here is write up tap on the bar in top left and then there are settings and then to disconnect your google drive because a lot of people are concerned like you know you can add google drive here but you know it's a bit of risky you know something happens to the app and you give access to all of your documents and files and all of that so to to disconnect you can just sign out from here you can disconnect that so if i'm signing with apple i can just tap sign out and like that and google drive similar you will be just seen here as sign in and tap sign out and just disconnect google drive to to make sure that you disconnect that if you're even still concerned you can always tap delete account in the bottom and you just will delete your account and all of that completely also in the google drive you can go to like to settings and make sure that all are connected apps and disabled connection to third-party apps so you can even more secure that from the google side to be completely sure

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