How to Discover, Search and join Twitter Communities?

how to search and join twitter communities first you need to have access to communities tab so how did i get this access basically i just joined first community so you need to get a link to that community from someone and just join it you don't need to be on twitter blue or spite version of twitter but just find the link and join your first community then you will have this tab then on this tab you'll have search and then you can just search for any community it's so you can just search for any topic um or you can just discover communities so for example here you can just join angry and join uh so here you can join um and all of these people who are you're following they only will appear in your um community tab so not uh not on your mind feed as i understand um so yep there you have it uh so that's what you can see how to search and join communities i don't think there is a limit or how many you want to join um yep this is how it looks like hope this is helpful

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