hello so here's your loot app so to donate money you need to go to revolut hop in the bottom right tap on donations and then you just need to select the charities where you want to donate so you can see the a lot of big selection so for example i if i want to donate to you on a refugee agency i can just uh just select go through here and i can select spare change so they will round up the spirit change from your revolute card the name to this chart and then you can just select specific accelerator how it will multiply it you can also set up recurring funding and set up i want to donate like 100 danish chrono monthly or weekly daily on specific date or i can just do one single donation and again just tap confirm so that's the idea that's how you would donate and of course you can select all of these agencies here and yeah um so that's basically the idea that's how it works uh 100 of the donation goes to the to this charity i don't think that revolut takes scene from it

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